Cotton Fields Engagement in Rock Hill, SC | Belinda & Michael


October 20, 2019

Belinda and Michael are such a sweet couple and it was such an adventure finding the cotton fields and shooting in them. I have known Belinda since high school and I am so happy she has found her person. I am thrilled that they choose me as their wedding photographer

Belinda and Michael met at a wedding for Michaels brother and Belindas best friend. Belinda says, “It was literally meant to be! We hung out the whole night. Before meeting him his dad walked up to me at the wedding and said you’re going to be my next daughter-in-law. We still laugh about it till this day because sure enough Michael asked me to be his wife.”


When I asked Belinda what she loves about Michael she said, “I absolutely love everything about him. Everyday he shows me what a real man is. We always call each other every morning to tell each other to have a great day and how much we love each other. I definitely have found my soulmate.”

So Dreamy!

Thank you for following along!

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